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We advise and assist clients with migration of their digital assets to cloud. And securely and efficiently manage their data as well as improving efficiency of their applications. We ancourage and help use of CICD tolls. (Such as: Source control: Git, GitHub. Continuous integration: Jenkins. Infrastructure automation: Ansible. Deployment automation and orchestration: Jenkins. Container concepts: Docker. Orchestration: Kubernetes, Swarm. Cloud: AWS.)

Our Services



Ship Management


Commercial Activities

  • We provide theoretical, practical, and handson ship management training. Focusing on chartering, brokering, operations, quality assurance, optimisation, insurance, digitalisation, claim prevention, claim handling and workplace inclusion.
  • Ship broking, consultancy & providing chartering services for oil tankers, chemical tankers, LPG carriers and bulk carriers.

  • We provide expertise consultancy for ship owners, brokers and investors.
  • We look after your interest and manage communication and relationship with your clients as well as third party stakeholders and extended customer base of your company.
  • We organise ship inspections, reporting, brokering ship sale deals & managed ship sale contracts on customers’ behalf.
  • We advise ship-owning clients regarding technical and commercial issues as consultant. 
  • We also broker deals for ship sales and purchases, voyage charter, contract of affreightment, time charter & bareboat charter.
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